Dear Blake,

I recently met this guy at a private event. We got to talking, and he gave me his social media information. We have been messaging each other ever since. He has been acting increasingly obsessed, and it’s making me uncomfortable. He acts like we’ve known each other for years. I don’t know how to tell him I don’t want to talk to him anymore. What are your thoughts?

Signed, Rhonda
From North Las Vegas, Nevada

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Dear Rhonda.

The actions of this man, suggests to me that he has some serious behavioral/psychological issues. The only thing I can suggest for you to do to get him to back off, is for you to act even more possessive than he is… borderline insane. Here are some ideas. Demand that he text you every ten minutes 24/7 to make sure he is not with other women, but only respond to one text per week. Or, tell him to start giving 100% of his paycheck every week, to save up for yours and his upcoming wedding in ten years, and you’ll end the relationship if he keeps one penny from each check for himself. Or this idea. Tell him you don’t want to have any children biologically but you want a large family, and insist that he finds fifteen kids that are immediately available for adoption. Lastly, tell him you are very fluid with your gender and he better be too, and as a precaution, you want to see how he looks in a wedding gown. I hope this helps.