Dear Blake,

I’m 26, and I have never been in a long-term relationship. I have used dating apps and have dated several times, but nothing seems to stick after the third one. This year, I have put myself out there more by going to Meetup groups.

When I browse Instagram or Facebook, I see content that makes me feel guilty and disappointed. It’s depressing to see people I know getting engaged or married. When I was in high school, most of my classmates went to prom, while I stayed at home.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll never find a good quality life partner or if I’m meant to be single forever. I’m afraid there may be something wrong with me. What can I do to move forward?

Signed, Rita
From Kansas City, Kansas

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Dear Rita,

You suggested that there may be something wrong with you. Well there probably is, so let’s consider some of the possibilities. Do you talk too much? If you get offended when other’s speak while you’re interrupting them, that might be the problem. Do you sound desperate when you attend the Meetup groups? Such as telling a man within a couple of minutes of meeting some guy, that you wouldn’t mind getting knocked up by him. Do you have a job? Because guys are turned off by women that will financially bleed them dry, while demanding that he gets a second job with no weekends off. On the other hand, maybe single life is best for you. Because if you haven’t had a long-term relation yet, the chances are you’ll end up marrying someone that you settle for. And if he’s anything like you, don’t have children because this world already has way too many genetic losers. I hope this helps.