Dear Blake,

I have a young adult neighbor who is a talented mechanic. He builds model autos and tries them out up and down our street. His latest is a three-wheel motorcycle, which he drives in the wrong direction, without a helmet. He also revs its motor constantly. I’m worried our street will become a hangout for more motorcycle enthusiasts.

I’m also concerned that if I ask him to stop, he’ll get angry. I approached him once and reminded him of safety issues, but at that time he wasn’t racing his motor. It’s worse now because the noise is distracting, and he repeatedly passes my home. What would be a good neighborly response to this?

Signed, Ernest
From Duluth, Minnesota

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Dear Ernest,

Your neighbor is extremely inconsiderate. But since you know he loves motorized vehicles, you must attempt to destroy those at all costs. Here are some ideas to rid the community of that loser. Get him to join the Hell’s Angels. Some of their activities will eventually get him arrested, and then maybe your block can have some temporary peace and quiet. Or, pop the tires of all of his vehicles. Try to get one of those strips police use to stop cars in high speed chases. If you can’t get those, slash his tires or put so much air in them that they explode. Or this idea. Steal a couple of vehicles, park them in front of his house, and call the police. More than likely they’ll take the stolen vehicles… and all of his too. Lastly, I have to make this observation. I don’t know if suggesting that he wears a helmet will change anything, because he’d be wearing something that protects his head… that has nothing in it. I hope this helps.