Dear Blake,

I was invited to the wedding of my friend’s daughter, “Alexa.” Alexa and her fiance’s registry requested only money to go toward a honeymoon. About a week before the wedding, I sent a monetary gift via their online wedding registry.

The next day, I heard the wedding had been postponed indefinitely, although they are still together. I feel the right thing for them to do is to return my money, but it appears they don’t intend to do so. Should I ask for my gift to be returned? What is the protocol?

Signed, Gayle
From Olympia, Washington –

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Dear Gayle,

You and the other guests might collectively be victims of a fraud. Alexa may not go on a honeymoon, but I’m sure her and her fiancé will travel somewhere, while laughing at the suckers they cleverly created. Anyway, here’s some suggestions on how to deal with her. Contact her through an anonymous letter, and tell her that what she did appears to be a scam, and “you” plan on contacting the local district attorney if 100% of the money isn’t returned to everyone. Also include, a picture of a hardened female criminal that might be her cellmate. Or, if you want to get some of the money back, remove the tires from her car and sell them on Craigslist. Or this idea. Ask your friend what does she think you should do? If she offers no comment, and you notice that lately she is wearing nicer clothes, then she was probably part of the con game. And here’s my final suggestion. Whatever you gave to the daughter, “borrow” that exact amount from your friend. When she later asks you to pay it back, lie and say you gave the money to her daughter, and you have no idea what she did with it. When her daughter realizes that you outfoxed her, either she’ll give the same amount to her mother, or the daughter may say she has no idea what you’re talking about and refuse to give up a penny. Even if their confrontation results in a fist fight between the two of them, at least you’ll be made whole… without injuries. I hope this helps.