Dear Blake,

Why is it, as a man who is capable of going to the symphony as well as watching “The Bachelor,” spending a day shooting rifles or sipping wine, having silly conversations or those where I listen (compared to providing feedback), and is an animal lover (but allergic to some), I cannot attract the women I want? What do you think?

Signed, Andrew
From Richmond, Virginia

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Dear Andrew,

There can be an endless amount of reasons why the women you want, aren’t attracted to you. I’ll go by the things you listed in your letter to determine why the type of women you desire, are intensely sickened by the mere thought of you. Ok, here are some possibilities. You said you like the symphony. Most women who like the symphony are rich and uppity, so they may feel that being seen with you in public will lower their social status. If you like watching “The Bachelor”, the women you’re dating might think you’re more attracted to the star of the show rather than to them. You said you like shooting rifles and sipping wine. Alcohol and firearms are a lethal combination, and the women you go out with probably don’t want to be the subject on “Dateline.” And lastly, you said you were an animal lover. Some women may read between the lines and conclude that you enjoy doing something sadistic to small defenseless rodents. And in that case, if they had a choice of going on a date with you or the wolfman, you’d spend another night at home, trying to figure out why a woman would rather get ripped to pieces by a legendary monster, than to hang with a harmless pathetic creature like yourself. I hope this helps.