Dear Blake,

What’s the best way to tell your siblings you think it’s time to stop exchanging Christmas gifts? We’re all in our 60s, and, frankly, I don’t feel they are ever very enthused about what we get them. It just seems like it’s time, anyway.

Signed, Violet
From Tacoma, Washington,

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Dear Violet,

The best way to stop the current tradition is for all of them to suggest it, instead of you. You can indirectly encourage them to do it, by you giving them some ridiculous/borderline insane Christmas gifts. Here are some ideas. Considering their ages, give them all some embalming coupons that offers some impressive savings during their eventual funeral arrangements. Or, tell them you want to buy them all a “new” board game where you and your siblings can compete on which one them is the most likely to go to hell in the next couple of decades. Or, tell them you now emphatically believe it’s more blessed to give than receive, and because you want them to be blessed, you will never again buy them anything for Christmas, but you expect them to shower you with gifts… indefinitely. And lastly, you might be looking at this all wrong. When you said they aren’t very enthused with what you get them, they may be secretly hoping you would end the tradition. And they’re hoping that will finally prevent you from getting them things you bought from the Goodwill Store, garage sales, or some other junk you purchased that they want to ricochet off the back of your head when you walk away, after you handed it to them on Christmas Day. I hope this helps.