Dear Blake,

I am a retired automotive worker. My employer allows me to share my company discount with close relatives. One of them has taken advantage of my discount for the last 15 years, which has saved this person literally thousands of dollars. I don’t do it to get anything in return, but I have never received even so much as a thank-you card from this relative.

This person isn’t hurting financially by any means. They constantly travel and entertain. The only contact we have is when they are ready to buy another vehicle. Then they text me to say they need the authorization number to give to the dealer.

I’d like to stop this relative from utilizing my discount, but I don’t know how to handle this. We see this person at holiday gatherings.

Signed, Gordon
From Detroit, Michigan

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Dear Gordon,

I can feel your frustration in regards to your relative that’s clearly taking advantage of you. So, I fell you should do everything possible to dislodge that leach. Here are some ideas. Pay a thug to rob him. And if he asks the thug why did he just want the discount card, tell the thug to say if he had better deals, he’d rob less. Or, report the card stolen, and after he’s arrested and charged with theft, refuse to testify at his trial, leaving his future in the hands of a jury. Or this idea, Tell him the card now has a monthly fee. If he refuses to pay it, have his card discontinued. Finally, sometimes honesty is the best policy. Be bold and direct, and tell him that he can no longer use the discount card. And add that if he can’t figure out why, he must be 50% off. I hope this helps.