Dear Blake,

I have a close relationship with my grandchildren and their parents. My 12-year-old grandson eats nothing except fast food and refuses everything else. His parents allow it and even have food delivered for him. His 8-year-old sister watches closely and is starting to head in the same direction. What they do at home is one thing, but it’s a problem for me when they visit, especially for three or four days. Help!

Signed, Evette
From Atlanta, Georgia

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Dear Evette,

You have a very legitimate health concern. Even though he is directly causing local employees at McDonald’s KFC, etc., to have job security, him waddling up to the order counter should be curbed severely. Contact every fast-food restaurant in the area, and tell them they are knowingly causing your grandson to eat nonstop until he explodes. Then, try to “guilt” them with the argument, that bars are obligated not to serve a customer any more liquor when they are intoxicated, and the same principle should apply to customers that are drunk… on food. Or, it’s possible, once the parents of this future teenager starts to approach 400 pounds, they’ll start being more cautious about what they are putting into his feeding trough. Or maybe this idea. Rig a scale that literally falls apart when he steps on it and “crushes” it. And maybe he’ll start feeling self-conscience about his weight, when he sees different parts of the scale shoot all over the bathroom. Lastly, this idea. Your grandchild probably likes Disney films, so tell him that the rate he’s going with his consumption of food, within a few years, he’ll look just like Dumbo. But, if thinks it will be cool to look like Dumbo, because that elephant could fly, you’re back to square one. I hope this helps.