Dear Blake,

Three years ago, I discovered I was being excluded by my co-workers. I have tried to not let it bother me, but it’s starting to wear me down emotionally. I work in a dental office with a staff of seven women. I have worked with two of them for almost 20 years, and I always thought we had a friendship because we would go to lunch together and occasionally do things outside of work.

Three years ago, I learned they have a group chat with two of the other women and have gotten together outside of work and didn’t include me. What bothers me most is they laugh and talk in front of me about the funny memes and videos they send each other.

I’m tired of being excluded, and I don’t understand why they have done it. We all get along, so I’m not sure why this is happening. Any advice on what I should say or do?

Signed, Gwinette
From Dayton, Ohio

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Dear Gwinette,

Your co-workers are being very insensitive toward you. Thus, I strongly recommend you do things to them, that’ll give them bimbos a lot unfortunate incidents to talk about. Here are some ideas. Try to get some their patients to get up and leave, after secretly telling them that to deaden their gums, the dental hygienists use cocaine and crystal meth, because they work part time as drug dealers and their trying to acquire new customers. Or, put some garlic in the mouthwash that your co-workers gives their patients when they’re done. So when they leave, the first person they want to flash their new smile to, will be under the impression that their teeth is beginning to rot, prompting a horrific review on Yelp. Or this idea. If any of your co-workers steps away from one of their patients, go in quickly, cover the patient’s eyes, and yank out one of their teeth. Guess who’ll be blamed? And this last idea. Put a sign in their examining rooms, informing the patients that they now have to spit on the floor when their teeth are being cleaned. If they do that enough, when they get out of their chair and slip on the saliva and fall, the dentist that owns the place will be sued and the employee will be fired. That doesn’t solve all of your issues, but that assures you there will be one less person in their group chats. I hope this helps.