Ask Blake Picture111

Dear Blake,

I work in a movie theater, and rude people are constantly texting during the film. They are clearly told beforehand that texting during the movie is strictly prohibited. This is an ongoing problem. Do you have any suggestions?

Signed, Aaron
From Portland, Oregon

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Dear Aaron,

To go to a movie theater and see a film on a big screen with incredible sound, is usually an enjoyable experience. But I feel the people that text after the movie is on, should be physically thrown out of the theater by a bouncer that’s also a UFC champion. If I had it my way, every time someone was caught with their cell phone on, they would have to put a large emptied bucket of popcorn over their face, while people in the theater took turns punching their lights out. And hopefully some of the salt from the bucket will enter some of their head wounds. Hopefully technology can get to the point where theater owners will be able to isolate on the phone, and cause it to literally explode, and blows the person to pieces. My guess is, if it happens during an action film, more than likely no one will even notice. I hope this helps.