Ask Blake Picture111

Dear Blake,

Over the years I have been hospitalized several times. Why do they serve such awful food?

Signed, Lynette
From Lexington, Kentucky

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Dear Lynette,

Your question is a very common one that I have never seen honestly addressed. After doing some extensive research, here are my findings. As far as price is concerned, hospital food is the most expensive food in the country, even higher than food purchased at airports and Disneyland. Unfortunately, the public is unaware that most of the food served to patients are $2.00 tv dinners from the local grocery store that was transferred to a plate, and sold at approximately $350.00 (not including the drink or dessert). They have even gotten away with serving birdseed as health food, that was purchased from pet stores in the area, and sometimes dog food disguised as meatloaf, usually masqueraded with gravy and onions. But there is some good news. Most of hospitals are very well prepared for patients that have adverse reactions from consuming their “meals”, which includes state-of-the-art stomach pumps for people that feel they have food poisoning, and cardiologists for the patients that have spontaneous heart attacks after being handed an itemized list of the medical bill. I hope this helps.