Dear Blake,

A coworker (who’s distantly related to the CEO of my company and who is a nice man) talks over everyone—including our manager—and interrupts us all constantly. I can’t remember the last time I actually heard a person finish a complete thought when this woman was in the vicinity. Our team is so worn down by her that when the company hired an expensive consultant to brainstorm design ideas with us, we all went mute—true story! It also doesn’t help that her voice is loud and shrill. How do we deal with someone like this?

Signed, Valerie

From Kansas City, Kansas

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Dear Valerie,

Dealing with a very rude person for eight hours a day can be very trying. And I’m a little surprised that you and your other irritated peers haven’t came up with an idea to get rid of that loud mouth witch. Bounce some of these ideas off of them. Put a sedative in her coffee, and while she’s sleep, staple her lips shut. Find the handsomest guy in your building and pay him to date her. And then once she gets emotionally attached to him, have him dump her for the ugliest lady you can find. She’ll probably immediately quit because she will be too humiliated to show her face and fangs in the office. Send anonymous letters to her CEO relative, and convince him that she plans on poisoning him at the next family reunion so she can take over the company. But my favorite idea is this one. Pushing her down a flight of stairs is probably crossing a line, however inconspicuously putting marbles on the stairs she is approaching can yield the same desired results. Yep, gravity can be your friend. I hope this helps.