Dear Blake,

I’m a sophomore and high school has started again. I have found myself having a major crush on this new boy that recently moved here from Missouri. But here’s the problem. He is EXTREMELY shy! No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get his attention. He walks around with his head down all the time. When I say “hi”, he only whispers “hi” back and I can barely hear him. I like him, but I have no idea what causes his behavior. Got any ideas?

Signed, Morgan

From Henderson, Nevada

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Dear Morgan,

Teenage boys can often be emotionally confusing and difficult to read. If his head is always down, that usually means he bows a lot to show his gratitude after being given loose change, because he’s probably from a family of panhandlers. In the school cafeteria, have you ever noticed him using one hand to sweep some crumbs off of the table into his other hand after someone has already eaten? Because that could be his only daily nourishment? He might be walking with his head down because he’s a wanted criminal, and is trying to avoid letting other students get a good look at him, so they can’t connect him to his picture hanging in the local Post Office. It’s also possible, that he could’ve recently gotten a sex change from a girl to boy before moving, and now he/she feels awkward not wearing make-up in public. But since he’s from Missouri, these are the two most likely reasons why he struts the way he does. If he was born and raised on a farm, then he’s constantly looking at the ground, because in cow pastures you have to be very careful where you step. But, if he grew up in St. Louis, crime is so bad in many parts of that city, that his eyes remained fixated downward to make sure that his shoes haven’t been stolen… in between steps. I hope this helps.