Dear Blake,

I’ve recently started seeing someone, and we have shared a wealth of information about ourselves with each other. When I asked him what was his middle name, he said it was “Franklin”. Later in the day while he was taking a nap, I went through his wallet and saw his driver’s license. It had a completely different middle name from the one he gave me. Now I’m starting to question everything he told me, and I’m afraid he may have lied about even bigger things. What reason would he possibly have to lie about such a simple thing?

Signed, Marla

From, Louisville, Kentucky

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Dear Marla,

I totally understand that you want your mate to be very honest with you. But if he ever catches you snooping through his personal items, you’ll probably will become a victim of domestic violence on the spot. Why didn’t he tell you the truth? Here are some possibilities. Maybe he has a really wimpy middle name that he never liked, because it caused him to get ridiculed and beaten up a lot while he was growing up, and now your inquisitiveness is going to send him back to therapy. It could be that his middle name is really feminine, and he’s concerned that you might think he’s a closet transgender or a cross dresser. It could also be that the name was given to him from the man he thought was his father, but a DNA test later proved that his biological dad is sitting on death row. Obviously I’m not sure what kind of female that appeals to him. But if he told you that he doesn’t have an issue with nosy women, I promise you he was lying about that too. I hope this helps.