Dear Blake,

My husband and I were invited by some friends to meet for dinner. We arrived first; they showed up several minutes later. During the meal, the wife said, “I always scan the restaurant to see if there’s anyone else here I know.” After the meal, my husband and I excused ourselves because we had to use the restrooms. When we came back the couple that had invited us had left the table. We didn’t know where they had gone. I put my coat on and we were leaving, when the wife, who was now sitting down at another table with another couple, stopped us to introduce us to them. I think they were terribly rude. I feel they should have waited and walked out with us, saying hello as they passed the table of their other friends. This isn’t the first time she has done this. Is there a way to politely tell her how rude it is?

Signed, Blanch

From Wilmington, Delaware

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Dear Blanch,

I understand your irritation and I feel it is justified. But if you want them to see how offended you are, I think you should do something that’s even more rude, to insure that you get their attention. So, here are some ideas. Start suggesting that you start eating at soup kitchens and/or homeless shelters. It’s doubtful she’ll acknowledge any hungry drunken bums, even if she knows them. If they do it again, embarrass them in front of the couple they’re sitting with. Like wishing both of them luck in their upcoming sex trafficking trial. Or while they are sitting with their other friends, you and your husband should “accidentally” pour hot coffee in both of their laps. They may have planned a romantic evening, but it won’t happen that night. But this is my favorite idea. Invite them to a fancy restaurant telling them you want to discuss some very creative financial planning. After everyone has eaten, tell the couple that you and your husband left your wallets at home, because you believe that expensive meals are a waste of money, so they have to pay for it. Then explain to them that this is part of your “new” creative financial planning, by having others pick up the check. But you should also be sensitive to the possibility that they may not have enough money to pay for the dining out experience. In that case, hand both of them some dishwashing gloves as the manager leads those losers to the kitchen.  I hope this helps.