Dear Blake,

I have the sweetest boyfriend. He’s 70. I’m a widow and have been with him for two years. He loves me, helps me and goes out with me wherever I want to go. One problem: He flirts with other women. It can be family, neighbors, clerks, waitresses, etc. He calls them “sweetheart,” “baby,” “darling,” etc. He pours on the charm and even follows them around to help them with whatever they are doing. I am not threatened, but I get really embarrassed. What’s going on with this man?

Signed, Matilda

From Flagstaff, Arizona

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Dear Matilda,

I understand your discomfort, even though he seems harmless. But at 70, his mindset won’t last much longer, neither will his mind. I wouldn’t worry about him getting “too friendly” with the ladies, because at his age, most women can knock him out with one punch, or have him begging for mercy after a series of facial scratches. Within ten years he won’t be following anyone around, unless he’s on one of those senior citizen scooters. It’s highly unlikely he’ll be flirting with any waitresses at that point, because he’ll be busy gumming his strained vegetables and prunes. But even if at 80, his mind is alert and his arms are functional, the MeToo Movement would’ve gotten so radical, that it will probably be acceptable to push “dirty old men” in wheelchairs into traffic. And if you get caught doing that by a female cop, the most you’ll get cited for is “littering”. I hope this helps.