Dear Blake,

Please help settle a debate, and let me know if I am right or wrong. Is it rude to drop my girlfriend off at the door of a restaurant and go and park the car? When I walk in, she is already seated, and I have to go and look for her.

Signed, Wellington
From Jefferson City, Missouri

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Dear Wellington,

It’s not a bad idea to drop your girlfriend off at the door while you park the car. There are several benefits for you to do that, and you should not have any concerns for the feelings of the bimbo you’re currently dating. Here are some reasons why I say you should continue booting her out near the door. When she first enters, she can scan the restaurant to see if all the patrons that are eating look happy, or if a few of them appear to be nauseous, queasy, or possibly choking. She should inform you if the aroma as she enters makes her even hungrier, or does it smell like some plumbers are doing some major repairs on the toilets. If it’s pouring outside, you should always drop her off at the door, so the rain doesn’t cause her make-up to run, giving her a creepy clown appearance that can even give a horror flick junkie, nightmares. But the best reason to unload her early, is so she can sit down, look at the menu, review the prices of the cuisine and relay the numbers to you. If the food is expensive, tell her if she doesn’t pay for the meal, she’s walking home. And to ensure that she doesn’t do the same thing to you when she’s driving her car, don’t ever exit the vehicle while she parks, without taking her purse with you. I hope this helps.