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Dear Blake,

I just graduated from law school, and I haven’t decided what area of law I’d like to work in. Please give me some suggestions.

Signed, Nate

from Lemont, Illinois

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Dear Nate,

Congratulations, and your options are almost endless. If you want crooks and violent thugs to stay on the streets so they can procure more victims, you can work in the area of criminal defense. If you feel that everyone should be allowed to live in this country no matter how they entered the United States, immigration law may be your calling. You may find malpractice very fulfilling if you enjoy extorting money from doctors that have done nothing wrong, but don’t want to be aggravated with the financial aspect, of dealing with greedy attorneys that prolong bogus cases. However, if you feel you have no scruples whatsoever, and your opinion can be bought or sold like some Wall Street commodity, do what a lot of lawyers do; be proud of your degree and then try to get elected as a congressman or a senator. I hope this helps.


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