Dear Blake,

What does an invited guest do when their hosts get into one or more verbal screaming fights in front of them? Leave the room? Exit completely? I was raised that folks use “company manners” when guests were present.

Signed, Candi
From Elgin, Illinois

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Dear Candi,

What the hosts are doing is rude and disrespectful. Even though it’s not your home, I think you should do something to deal with those mindless losers. Here are some options. If this happens regularly and is predictable, always bring some Tupperware, so you can load up and have a nice quiet meal at home away from those loudmouths. If you really don’t want to go over there anymore, take sides during their next argument, and oppose the person that will most likely tell you to leave and never come back. Or, you can embarrass both of them when you see their tempers begin to flare, by trying to sound like an MMA announcer introducing both of them right before one of their bloody brawls. And finally, there could be a financial reward in this for you. The next time you go to one of their fiascos, try to instigate a fight between the two, film it, and put it on Youtube. If it goes viral you can make some easy money by selling ad space. Also remember to call the cops on them too, because a video of a person getting tased while yelling and vibrating on the ground, always attracts a large following of people with a warped sense of humor. I hope this helps.