Dear Blake,

I am becoming more and more irritated with people. My fuse is short and I’m prone to bursts of anger. Today I watched another driver run a red light, and I proceeded to honk my horn, lower my window and give the guy my middle finger. (Yeah, I know it was risky, but I couldn’t resist the impulse.)

I am sick of people! They are, in my opinion, self-centered, inconsiderate jerks who need to be smacked. Stupid questions also set me off. I have been snapping at my wife and kids, which is not something I intend. What can I do to get a grip on my temper and not act out the way I have been doing? Is something wrong with me?

Signed, Maurice
from Twin Falls, Idaho

*                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *

Dear Maurice,

Yes there is something seriously wrong with you. The suggestions I’m going to give you won’t involve therapy, even though you might end up in a hospital after you are literally beaten into humility. Here are some people that can help you control your temper. Tell a group of Hell’s Angels riding Harleys, that you find kids on Big Wheels more intimidating and at least their parents force them to bathe. Or, go to Chicago and tell any leader of one their numerous gangs, that they don’t know the first thing on how to pistol whip somebody. Or this idea. The next time you go to a dentist, question his/her training and education and add that Novocaine is for wimps. But the ultimate challenge is to become a devout atheist. And be sure to stick to your guns as you stand before God on Judgement Day, even after He announces your eternal destination… and the bottom of your Nikes immediately begin to melt. I hope this helps.