Dear Blake,

I live in an over-55 condominium community in Florida. Overall, it’s calm and quiet, which is why I moved here. My favorite pastime and form of exercise is to go to the pool. However, some neighbors think nothing of playing their music loudly in the pool area.

I would never subject anyone else to my taste in music in such a public arena, and I can’t understand why they think they have the right to inflict it on other people without asking. I have spoken to them politely and asked that they refrain, but they continue to do exactly as they want. Any suggestions?

Signed, Wilbur
From Miami, Florida

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Dear Wilbur,

What your neighbors are doing is outright rude and inconsiderate. However, there are somethings you can do that might even make your neighbors wish they were in a nursing home, or even a hospice. Here are some ideas. Start singing along with any song they play, especially if you don’t know the words and are tone deaf. Or, bring an instrument to the pool when they are out there, and play it continuously. I think the sounds from a tuba or some bongos will be the most irritating. Or this idea. Find a dog that will howl if it hears their music, and if it relieves itself near them, demand that they clean it up alleging that their tunes affects your pet’s intestines. Lastly, come to the pool with a baseball bat, smash all of their music, and blame it on some side effects from the medication you’re taking. Also tell them the prescription that you’re taking, sometimes causes you mistake heads for amplifiers. I hope this helps,