Dear Blake,

My husband gets very upset when our 4-year-old sons don’t share his enthusiasm over something that excites him. He wants them (and me) to jump up and down or cheer when he’s excited about something. The problem is, he tends to share his news when we’re getting ready for bed or just plain tired. I feel guilty for not acquiescing, but at the same time, I don’t want to fake it. Any suggestions for a compromise, please?

Signed, Sue
From Niagara Falls, New York

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Dear Sue,

So your husband is bothered that no one’s heart races the way his does about his news. One compromise can be, he should stop talking and you and the rest of the family should stop listening. Here are some other ideas. Tell him he has a very low standards regarding excitement, and what gets him fired up, is drab and bland to anyone else that has a life. Or, every time he starts to relay some news, you and the kids should doze off in his presence, and try to convince him that narcolepsy is contagious. I’m under the impression that your two year old sons are twins. If that’s the case, tell your husband he should alternate his “exciting” news between the boys, so they can be bored 50% less. If none of those work, try this last idea. Tell him in reality, the boys are very excited about what’s going on in their dad’s life, but unfortunately, it’s not him. To enhance this prank, say it while handing him a fake DNA test, and if possible, try to catch him when he faints. I hope this helps.


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