Dear Blake,

I am approaching a major college reunion next year. Several of us former roommates are looking forward to spending the weekend together and attending some of the official reunion activities. None of the others plans to bring a spouse or partner. My partner didn’t attend our college, although he does know some of the girlfriends. He wants to attend.

How can I tell him it will be more relaxed and fun for me if I don’t have to worry about whether he’s enjoying events when he knows few people and doesn’t have the shared history the rest of the group enjoys?

Signed, Franchesca
From Little Rock, Arkansas

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Dear Franchesca,

College reunions can be memorable and a lot of fun. Since your partner is ignorant of your history and experiences, his desire to tag along makes him sound like an idiot too. Anyway, here are some suggestions to discourage him. Tell him that his grades does not compare to your classmates, and you don’t want him to be embarrassed at how unintelligent he is by comparison. Tell him you don’t want to him to hear how the other women are involved with successful men, and them questioning why you substantially lowered your standards and settled for an unmotivated loser. Or this idea. Inform him that the men attending the reunion are so much more attractive than he is, and you don’t want him to feel justifiably feel inadequate. However, if he insists on coming along, let him. But tell him before you go, you’d like to buy a sexy nightgown you’ll put on at night after he goes to sleep, so you can model it for a classmate that used to have a crush on you. This should stop him for going… and also never contacting you again. I hope this helps,