Dear Blake,

My husband and I are in our 40s. Last year, we decided to make a very big change in our lives. We decided to seek out a second wife (sister wife) for my husband. I was completely on board with it at first. He reached out to a woman he knew years ago and asked if she would consider joining our family. However, I started getting this feeling that she wasn’t the right woman to bring into our family. She ignored many of my in-depth questions about why she wanted to live this type of life.

I have expressed to my husband that I no longer want her in my life and it has reached the point that I no longer want to live a plural lifestyle. I felt bad that I’m the one who changed my mind, so I agreed to allow them to continue a relationship — as long as they keep me out of it, and he keeps her out of my home and my life.

I don’t understand how he can continue living this way, living two separate lives and be OK with it. We’ve been together more than 20 years and I don’t want to leave, but how can I continue loving a man with my whole heart and soul when he only loves me with part of his?

Signed, Molly
From Salt Lake City

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Dear Molly,

You really can’t blame him, because you initially said that you both made the decision for a second wife. However, you do have the right to change your mind and boot that bimbo out of his life. Here are some things you should consider. First of all, you’re form Utah so you should feel lucky that your husband wants only one wife, instead of the normal double-digit amount of homely brides in that state. If you want to scare him into ending that relationship, tell him you now want another man in your life. Add that you found one, and you know he’ll treat you well, because he has had years to think about relationships while he was in prison… and recently escaped. Or create a bogus background on his mistress, with allegations that she has mutilated her past boyfriends right after “intimacy” if you know what I mean. And finally, you don’t need to worry about him living to separate lives, because if he desires her more than you, he’ll soon be living just one, do the math. I hope this helps.