Dear Blake,

I met this guy online three months ago. He’s the greatest guy I have ever met. He respects me in ways no other man has respected me, and I appreciate that about him so much. I feel like I may be in love with him, but I don’t know if that’s the case or if it’s because I’m alone and vulnerable and want someone to love me back. I was never close with my biological father or my adoptive father, so some of this may be “daddy issues.” Should I tell him how I feel about him, or is it way too soon?

Signed, Mona
From Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Dear Mona,

I’m happy for you that you found a special person in your life. On the other hand, I’m concerned about how little you know about this potential fugitive from justice. Here some observations I think you should consider. If he respects you in ways that no other man does, he probably plans on hitting you up for a major loan, that he has no intentions of paying back. Or, find out his work history, because freeloading bums are often smooth talkers that are extremely efficient at making women feel comfortable about dating perpetually lazy men. You said you have some “daddy issues”. I’m under the impression he was manipulative too, and he probably conned you into believing that he cares about you, when the real reason he helped conceive you, is because he needed a tax write-off. And lastly, this. If he discourages you from doing a background check on him, don’t force the issue, because many serial killers are quick tempered, and some of them are even irrational. Also ask him if he owns a chainsaw. I hope this helps.