Part 1 of 5 of government waste created by ultra-liberal politicians (state by state)

Mississippi – $1,400,000 on why 38% of the homes still have outhouses.

Rhode Island – $875,000 on research, trying to figure out how this tiny place became a state, instead of a suburb of Massachusetts. 

Illinois – Considering the past 30 years and the amount of former governors that have gone to prison, $2,700,000 conducting research to determine how much money could be saved, if after they were elected, they were immediately thrown into prison instead of waiting for four years and an expensive trial.

North Dakota – $1,700,000.00 on why so many people in this state have died of boredom.

South Dakota – $1,600,000.00 on why so many of their residents are jealous of North Dakota’s top ranking of having so many boredom deaths.

Alaska – $1,100,000 on purchasing small hats for bald eagles that are self-conscious about their appearance.  

Arizona – $2,700,000 on how much revenue could be generated, if the Grand Canyon was filled with concrete, and then used as a state owned parking lot.

Maine – $375,000 on meetings with realtors, to determine if it would be cost effective to sell the state to Canada.

West Virginia – $3,500,000 to study why the residents are satisfied with only having three high schools in the entire state.

Virginia – $290,000.00 debating if their state should be renamed,  “East Virginia”.