BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Lights out? NYC vows to keep Times Square signs, despite fed pressure. That’s New York City’s official response following reports that the city is facing federal pressure to remove its iconic oversized billboards from the site, perhaps best known as the backdrop to the country’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. The motive of the feds according to Vice President Joe Biden, is to save energy and NYC is not being singled out. He further explained that he has already contacted the FAA with his suggestion for conserving fuel, by wanting commercial jets never to ascend to more than 500 feet, and to max out at 100 mph. “For greater savings” said Biden, “I would also like the pilots to turn off their engines once they are 20 miles from their destination and quietly glide in. This would save fuel, and the people living near the airport would not have to contend with the noise of jet turbines.”