BREAKING NEWS – Wimberley, Texas – A year ago, mother-of-two Jennifer Cutrona was off running on her favorite trail near her home in Texas – earbuds in and her mind focused on an upcoming marathon – when a man suddenly leapt out from the woods and tried to grab her.

“The little pocket knives I had collected over the years were all at home in the drawer with my pepper spray. I needed something I could pull in less than a second,” Cutrona said. “I sewed a knife sheath into the layers of my sports bra.  I just needed something that would give me a few seconds to get away. And for flat chested women that are attacked simultaneously by two or more men, I created a bra that will not only make the woman’s breast look larger and sexier when no one is bothering her, but the empty space on the C cups can be used to hold a hand grenade on each side.”