BREAKING NEWS – Beverly Hills, California – After spending the better part of a year embroiled in scandal, Kathy Griffin made a very sad and emotional return to the red carpet at the 2018 Writers Guild Awards (WGA). While presenting, the 57-year-old comedian tearfully stated, “Even though I am a comedian I am a human too with feelings. The comments I have overheard while I have been here have been so hurtful.” She stopped and wiped away the flowing tears down her face. “For people to be whispering how ugly I am due to my botched facelifts, is not right, it’s just not right. And to the person who walked up to me an questioned where I am from, that was a mean thing to do, besides you don’t even know what a Martian looks like.” The event was temporarily delayed as Griffin continued to cry uncontrollably while she literally crawled off the stage.