BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – In 2017 the NYPD announced a major milestone, ending the year with fewer than 300 homicides a number they haven’t seen in nearly 70 years. By contrast NYC is three times bigger than Chicago, yet the Windy City has more murders per year than the Big Apple and L.A. combined. In reference to the stats, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the residents of New York a “bunch of wimps”. He later doubled down. “The people in my city aren’t afraid of bullets, whereas in New York City, they shake in their shoes in regards to supersonic projectiles. Here, we kill each other left and right and we don’t whine about it. We don’t put a lot of value on lives, and we’re darn proud of it. And no city has the right to criticize the citizens of Chicago, simply because the people here have a different way of resolving disagreements.”