BREAKING NEWS – Timmonsville. South Carolina – A South Carolina NAACP chapter president who says he was racially profiled during a traffic stop was accused of lying after police released video footage of the encounter, according to reports.

“Tonight, I was racially profiled by a Timmonsville Officer CAUSE I WAS DRIVING A MERCEDES BENZ AND GOING HOME IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD,” Timmonsville NAACP President Rev. Jerrod Moultrie said in a Facebook post.

“He made a comment that the officer accused him of having drugs in the car,” Timmonsville Police Chief Billy Brown said, according to the station. “He said that his wife and grandchild was in the car. He asked them not to move because the officer looked as if he might shoot them or something. He also made mention that the officer continued to ask him about his neighborhood. Why was he in that neighborhood? And threaten[ed] to put him in jail in reference to something dealing with the registration to the vehicle.”

Based on the body camera footage, the officer who stopped Moultrie neither asked if he had drugs in the car nor why he was driving in the area,” the Raleigh News & Observer reported.

After reviewing the footage from the body cam, Moultrie stated, “I want a law passed that bans police with body cams, because it makes people like me look bad when I exercise my constitutional right to exaggerate and/or outright lie! The video that officer took of me is also going to severely damage the impact my sermons will have on the congregation when I preach on Sundays. Based on that fact, I am now considering suing him for not warning me to tell the truth so I wouldn’t look like a fool later, entrapment, and the invasion of my privacy!”