BREAKING NEWS – Silver Spring, Maryland – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ message of income inequality resonated with many voters in 2016 — and now the senator himself may know how the other half lives. A financial disclosure document filed in May shows that the independent lawmaker from Vermont made more than $1 million in 2017, given him income of that figure or more for the second year in a row. I spoke to a large crowd of young voters that jeered, upset with his seven figure income. “When you get my age and I’m almost 80, you are entitled to certain things. I’ve earned the right to be in the 1%. But young people, pay your dues! You must learn to share your income with others until you are 77… like me. That’s what unity is all about. And uh… uh, don’t be critical or jealous of me. And, uh… uh… um, you whippersnappers focus way too much on money, you lazy anti-Semitic losers!”