BREAKING NEWS – Nottingham, England – Scrooge council chiefs have been blasted for threatening to fine a kind-hearted mom after she put up posters inviting lonely people to enjoy a free Christmas dinner. Mo Fayose, 44, was shocked when she received an email from town hall chiefs accusing her of illegal fly-posting. She put up the notices around the neighborhood, inviting people to get in touch with her if they were on their own over the festive season. The mental health nurse has hosted Christmas dinners for lonely people for the last three years. However, the Nottingham City Council made their position clear. “The danger of what Ms. Fayose is doing, is comparable to the danger of feeding wild animals, because they will relate humans with food,” explained the NCC. “The same principle applies to hungry lonely people. And British historians now believe that Jack the Ripper got his start in 1887, after getting invited to a Christmas dinner, and becoming obsessed at the way a turkey was carved.”