BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Former CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer feels allegations that CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin was seen masturbating during a work Zoom call should be taken “seriously” and laid out a timeline of alleged wrongdoings by his former colleague. 

“Toobin was accused in 2010 of whispering ‘disgusting’ things to a prominent woman, then following her to her hotel room and trying to invite himself in, before leaving her ‘vile’ and ‘sick’ messages in the days after,” Krakauer wrote. “Want more details on the nature of the literally unprintable comments? Go to the old Gawker for that.”

Toobin responded Krakauer’s to comments. “Yes, I left vile and sick messages to a woman that rejected my sexual advances toward her, but I later forgave her, by cancelling my plans to ruin her career. And secondly, I graduated from Harvard, and I know the legal limits of public masturbation. I don’t think I violated the federal or state laws regarding the ‘intensity level’ of pleasuring myself, even though I’m sure I was pretty close.”