Jay Jacobs ripped into Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in key New York battleground congressional and legislative races last week.

Jacobs, who also serves as the Nassau County Democratic leader, said he’s had it with AOC and other left-wingers lecturing Democrats who have to fight to compete and win races in purple districts in Long Island and upstate.

“AOC has no standing on how to run a general election in the suburbs and upstate. AOC is in a district that’s 6-1 Democrat and she couldn’t find a Republican in her district with binoculars,” Jacobs told The Post.

AOC responded to Jacobs’ criticism in a tweet. “I don’t care about republicans, moderate democrats, or anyone else that embraces capitalism or encourages work ethics. Anyone who rejects government handouts and tries to make it on their own, in my opinion is an enemy of this nation!”