BREAKING NEWS – Montpelier, Vermont – Vermont Gov. Phil Scott said during a press conference on that schools in the state will include new questions during daily health checks about whether students and their parents attended gatherings outside of their households following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Scott noted that any students who attend events with more than just their immediate household will be required to either take online classes for a two-week quarantine period or quarantine for a week and then have a negative COVID-19 test.

“We understand how difficult this is, but since we know these types of gatherings have been the cause of so many outbreaks, we’ve got to do all we can to slow this down,” Scott said. “And to reduce the amount of people at the family gatherings for Thanksgiving, we are urging the hosts to disinvite any family members or relatives that regular causes arguments, bores everyone talking about their life, or is a lousy cook that often brings food which is always inconspicuously thrown away or fed to the dog.”