BREAKING NEWS – Hull, England – Jimmy Featherstone has already spent thousands on plastic surgery, but he has no plans to slow down.

The 22-year-old from Hull, U.K., has paid $14,150 to get lip fillers, cheek fillers, botox and veneers done in the last year. Next, he plans on getting a nose job.

“This is only the beginning,” Featherstone told SWNS.

His ultimate goal? To look like a real-life version of a Ken doll, Barbie’s male counterpart.

“I just think he’s plastic fantastic and looks amazing,” Featherstone said.

“Have you ever thought about trying to look like G.I. Joe?” asked a reporter.

“Yes I have,” answered Featherstone. “But I changed my mind when I realized that carrying a rifle might ruin my fingernail polish, and none of those infantry uniforms matches my panties.”