BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – Chicago Police Department staffing numbers reached the lowest in recent history at the end of March, as more than 300 uniformed members had resigned or retired from the department and over a dozen others had stepped down, Fox News Digital has learned.

There were 12,709 uniformed personnel as the beginning of 2018, and 12,234 sworn officers on the force as of the beginning of 2017, the statistics show.

“I think these cops are nothing more than a bunch of cowards and wimps,” Mayor Lightfoot explained. “After a few bullets whiz by their heads within inches from armed suspect, these cops whine and look for a new career. How spineless is that? Don’t they realize how they will be honored at their impressive funerals? In the old days, Chicago cops didn’t mind get their heads blow off, as long as the suspect was held accountable. That’s the kind of dedication we’re looking for.”