BREAKING NEWS – Boston, Massachusetts – The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a program of the city of Boston that allows outside groups to fly flags at city hall must permit the flying of flag with a cross that a camp referred to as a “Christian flag.”

The question before the court was whether flying the flag as part of a government program was considered government speech if the flag belonged to a private organization, in this case, Camp Constitution. The Supreme Court ruled that it is not.

“We conclude that, on balance, Boston did not make the raising and flying of private groups’ flags a form of government speech,” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the court’s opinion, stating that as a result the city improperly violated Camp Constitution’s free speech rights. “We also believe that Jesus will probably be angry at the people in Boston for dropping the final ‘r’ in all of their words, such as ‘car’ instead of ‘cah’ and ‘far’ instead of ‘fah’, because this clearly means the biblical names Peter, Esther, plus the Last Supper, would be equally mangled with a Bostonian accent.”