BREAKING NEWS – Randolph, Vermont – A Vermont high school student Blake Allen, 14, who was suspended for complaining about a transgender student using the girls’ locker room has blasted administrators for prioritizing ‘gender identity policy’ over the ‘safety and privacy of girls’.

In an essay for Fox News, Blake says she was made to feel unsafe and uncomfortable after the student was allowed to compete in the girls’ volleyball team and change in their locker room with them.

The first time the trans student entered the locker room, many of the girls were in their underwear and asked the teammate to leave but were ignored, she said.

Co-Principals Caty Sutton and Lisa Floyd commented on Blake’s suspension in a joint letter. “We see nothing wrong with the transgender in the locker room with the girls,” the letter began. “And we also feel is it was insensitive of the girls to deny the transgender an opportunity to view their bodyparts, that he/she is envious of.”