BREAKING NEWS – El Paso, Texas – Road signs warning drivers of “unexpected pedestrians” have gone up in El Paso, Texas amid a surge in migrant crossings at the southern border — with risks posed to both drivers and migrants.

Signs warning drivers to “watch for unexpected pedestrians” have gone up in recent months in El Paso along highways next to border barriers sealing off the border with Mexico. El Paso is one of the areas that saw some of the biggest spikes in migrants coming across the border in recent months, with the city declaring a state of emergency in December.

A growing number of liberal immigrant attorneys have been seen on the opposite side of the expressway, waving for the immigrants to cross. The lawyers are threatening to sue anyone who accidentally hits one of the migrants that spontaneously runs through the fast moving traffic. They are even threating to sue any driver that startles any of the migrants, whether there is an impact or not, by alleging that the sound of their engines has caused their clients some serious psychiatric damage, which will need decades of therapy… and U.S. handouts.