BREAKING NEWS – Wyandotte, Michigan – A police K-9 named Officer Ice was recently “under investigation” for allegedly stealing from one of his own colleagues.

This month, the Wyandotte Police Department (WPD) in Wyandotte, Michigan, shared a now-viral image of Ice’s mugshot following his recent criminal charges.

As the post stated, Officer Barwig was in the middle of his lunch when he was called into the WPD jail for assistance.

Upon his return, Barwig’s lunch had vanished and Ice was seen leaving the break room while “licking his chop,” according to the WPD’s post, which was shared on Facebook 11,000 times.

The police later stated that they should’ve conducted a background check on Ice, because they later discovered that years ago, it was caught stealing items from a jewelry store, and in regards to the specific jewelry it was trying to steal, the dog referred to itself as a “gold’n” retriever. And PETA unsuccessfully tried to get Ice’s record expunged.