BREAKING NEWS – Los Gatos, California – The time Netflix ‘freeloaders’ have long feared will soon arrive – password sharing will be banned by the end of March.

The company shared the news in a letter to shareholders, noting that ‘widespread account sharing’ has exceeded over 100 million viewers.

Netflix said 2022 had been a ‘tough year’ due to its first subscriber loss in more than a decade – its customer base fell by 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter.

Themassive streaming service told shareholders it will stop users from sharing accounts in late March. The move comes as more than 100 million people are watching the platform for free. Neflix said they have informed their investors, that they will send a strongly worded letter to any of their subscribers that are account sharing after March. And if the the subscriber continues, they’ll hire people to bust out the subscriber’s car windows, and slash at least two of the four tires.