BREAKING NEWS – Haines City, Florida – A Florida police chief issued a warning to criminals in the state after saving a burglar who was shot by a homeowner.

“One should expect that if you are brazen enough to enter into someone’s residence and it is not yours, with intent to commit an unlawful act, there may be repercussions,” Haines City Police Chief Gregory Goreck said in a Friday press conference.

“We live in Florida, and more so, we live in Polk County, and most people are armed,” he said.

Goreck was responding to an incident where a Florida man with a concealed weapon permit arrived home and found two intruders burglarizing his residence.

The homeowner fired his gun and struck one of the suspects before they both fled the scene.

“This is outrageous!” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet. “I would never want to live in a state where homeowners are allowed to murder uninvited guests that entered their dwelling to borrow a few items. And I would strongly urge every burglar in Florida to move out, and relocate to a state where they can break into a house and the homeowners will treat them dignity and respect.”