BREAKING NEWS – Sacramento, California – The man tapped by California’s attorney general to be his agency’s first diversity and inclusion chief says victims of serial rapist Harvey Weinstein knew what they were doing when they had sex with him, that he sympathized with Bill Cosby during his rape trial.

The state’s new diversity, equity, and inclusion guru Kevin E. Hooks said that the women who came forward to say they were forced to have sex with Weinstein were willfully choosing to trade sex for job opportunities in the film industry.

Weinstein was not the only sex pest Hooks spoke out in support of. Hooks pushed back on a guest’s argument that comedian Bill Cosby should spend the rest of his life in prison. Sixty women have accused Cosby of sexual harassment and rape. The comedian, who has admitted to drugging women for sex, was sentenced in 2018 to up to 10 years in prison.

“Ok, Cosby made a few mistakes, but haven’t we all?” explained Hooks. “My new job will be to be all inclusive, that means everybody, and I cannot with a clear conscience exclude serial rapists who have been relentlessly publicly shamed. They have offered their long list of victims an apology, and by my standards, that’s good enough.”