BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Over 200 employees from NBC News and MSNBC walked off the job on Thursday in response to recent layoffs that NewsGuild leaders insist broke the law.

Staffers chanted and marched outside NBC’s New York City headquarters at the iconic Rockefeller Center. Scabby the inflatable rat was on hand, angry NBC employees held signs declaring the network stands for “Nothing But Criminals” and New York City comptroller Brad Lander, D., specifically called out MSNBC, NBC’s left-leaning cable arm, for failing to practice what it preaches.

“You can’t have the MSNBC brand be one that’s about progressives and then screw your workers,” Lander told the crowd.

The President of NBC News Noah Oppenheim, commented on the current situation at a press conference. “We have been accused of failing to practice what we preach,” he began. “Well, of course we’re hypocrites. Why else would we give democrats and liberals a pass for doing something unacceptable, and then crucify conservatives and republicans for doing the exact same thing? And as far as screwing our workers, we view that as consensual sex.”