BREAKING NEWS – Burbank, California – February has been a cruel month for Disney as the giant corporation slashed 7,000 employees in mass layoffs and announced a 2.4-million subscriber loss to streaming service Disney+. All of this came as the network endured yet another woke controversy as a kids cartoon show on the streaming service lectured children about “white fragility” and denounced Abraham Lincoln.

But these latest problems for Disney are not new and are only the latest in what is closing in on a year of woke disasters, instability at the top of the company and financial problems.

We’ll once again be successful and profitable,” CEO Bob Iger stated stated at a press conference. “We lost a staggering amount of Christian and family-oriented supporters, due to the type of films we produced and also yielding to the demands of ‘woke people’. But hopefully we can make for that loss by luring in more atheists in heathens. It’s all about numbers.”