BREAKING NEWS – New Orleans, Louisiana – Organizers seeking to recall New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell from office said they collected enough signatures to put the city leader’s second term at risk.

“Right now our mayor doesn’t love New Orleans so the citizens and the residents stood up,” Eileen Carter, vice chair of the No LaToya recall campaign, told Fox News. “We’re taking our city back, and we’re gonna save New Orleans.”

New Orleans has overtaken St. Louis as the murder capital of America as the city sees a 141% increase in homicides when compared to recent years.

Carter, who worked in the mayor’s social media department for three years, told Fox News it was difficult to watch Cantrell “quiet quit” in her second term. The mayor’s public calendar used to have regular meetings with department heads, but she hadn’t had any on her schedule in over a year as of November.

“There is no justification to have me removed from office,” Cantrell boldly stated at a press conference, “And the reason why I don’t have meetings anymore, is because it’s too violent in New Orleans, and I don’t feel safe commuting to and from work. You people want me to travel to work and risk getting shot up? Are you people nuts? I’ll run this city from home through Zoom!”