BREAKING NEWS – Royersford, Pennsylvania – A Chick-fil-A restaurant in Pennsylvania warned that unaccompanied minors were no longer allowed to dine in their establishment after unruly “children and teenagers” continued to cause disruptions. The new policy was prompted by rowdy minors disrespecting employees and vandalizing their establishment after being dropped off by parents on the weekend.

“While we love being a community restaurant and serving guests of all ages, some issues need to be addressed,” the FaceBook post explained before giving specific “unacceptable behaviors” employees had to deal with.

Some children and teens engaged in loud conversations with “a lot of explicit language,” cursed at and mocked staff, vandalized property, stole decor, and walked through the drive thru lanes, the post claimed.

“We are a family friendly restaurant where this is not tolerated,” the Chick-fil-A branch warned.

The ACLU weighed in on the local restaurant’s policy. “Chick-fil-A’s policy in Royersford, Pennsylvania is ridiculous,” ACLU President Deborah Archer stated in a tweet. “Teens will be teens. They like being loud, profane, and they enjoy destroying the things they don’t steal. This is normal so what’s the big deal? But I guess that chicken joint is too uppity to allow teens to express themselves in any way they choose, as they gradually blossom into adults. And because of their new policy, I won’t ever eat at Chick-fil-A due to the franchise’s arrogance and insensitivity toward today’s youth who are our future.”