BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – Less than two hours before Powerhouse Church of Chicago was set to host their event at The CityLight Church on the South Side Sunday, they had to scramble to find another venue.

Bishop Keith McQueen, who leads the church, calls it discrimination.

“We received the call stating that we researched your church online. We see that you have openly gay members, that the pastor — myself of course, I’m openly gay and I’m married to a man — You cannot host your event here,” he said.

He said they found the venue on Peerspace, which is a platform that people can find rentable spaces.

“We were only going to host a worship service. We weren’t hosting a gay pride event. We weren’t hosting an event with a political agenda. It was strictly just to worship God,” McQueen said. “And the particular day we were going to hold service, everyone was going to sign a petition demanding that God refrains from his anti-gay agenda, and for Him to admit that when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah it was an error in His judgment.”